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The Cookout is an invitation-only, Black-centered social media platform and safe space where Black speech, ideas, activists, creatives, and entrepreneurs are centered and celebrated. Hate speech and anti-blackness are policed with respect to the target demographic for whom the platform was created. Named for a Black community tradition and safe space, The Cookout seeks to bring the spirit of community that is inherent to its namesake, to a digital platform.

Black millenials, entrepreneurs, and academics are growing increasingly disillusioned with larger social media platforms.

Large social media platforms are missing the mark on Black user's needs. Unfair, skewed community standards on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter leave Black and POC users feeling unfairly targeted. These platforms hide Black businesses and products in algorithms tagged with the word "Black" and label them as inherently political and controversial.


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Tired of being harassed and silenced for posting while Black?
Us too sib. We deserved better... so we built it.


watch our promo video

Tired of being harassed and silenced for posting while Black? Us too sib. We deserved better so we built it.

How It Works

Our Process
  • The cookout. To me, it’s like coming home from a long day and catching up with family that I haven’t seen in AGES! Truly a special place 🌹 “
    Lady Emm
    @ladyemm on The Cookout
  • The Cookout is a beautiful, well-crafted, safe-haven of an atmosphere where Black people, their speech, their businesses, and their ideas are protected and celebrated. Since its inception, I have not directly encountered nor seen an instance of racism, anti-Black rhetoric, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, gaslighting, or any other kinds of hate speech; The Cookout, truly is THE social media platform and experience Black people throughout the diaspora have been waiting for to engage! I love this space, this community, for I finally feel like I have found my home.
    Zachary J Gaston
    @BawseGaston504 on The Cookout
  • There are so many reasons why I love The Cookout, but here are just a few reasons. We are a community! Networking, resources, making new friends and supporting each other in so many ways. There is something here for everybody... If you're black!😝 We finally have our own space where we be who we are with no apologies. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
    Tyra Ellis
    @TheModelTyra on The Cookout
  • Having a place that is only for black people is the best feeling, ever. The women who have created and curated this space are wonderful. There’s no worry about being invaded by those only seeking to cause strife on social media on the Cookout. It is also up there on functionality to compete with other well known social media apps, and that’s fantastic considering that this is only the second launch. Things can only go up from here!
    Apple App Store Review
  • Whoa, I love the easy and helpful user interface! I'm so excited to be a part of this community. I support this app past the fullest. I'm so glad to have an online community that is a home. This app is our space, created and driven by us, in a world that refuses to acknowledge our existence (as humans). Kudos on the app and I am so excited to see our community become a true community. I highly recommend this app.
    kaye howi
    Google Play Review
  • I loved the first version of the Cookout App, but I REALLY love this new one!! It's welcoming, straightforward, the topics and groups are great, and it's so soothing and uplifting to be surrounded by a community that is focused on staying moisturized and nontoxic. I never have a bad experience whenever I open the app and I feel more motivated to participate. Truly a gated community and a blessing.
    Cookout App Member

Application FAQs

1How do I apply?
You can apply for The Cookout via the application, which is available here:
2How long does it take for applications to be approved
Wait times may vary, but are typically between 12-48 hours after submission, if we do not request any additional information from you. If we request additional information, please monitor your email in this period (or your instagram if its private) so you can respond accordingly and not drag out the process.
3What is the difference between approval and pre-approval?
The difference between approval is pre-approval is fully explained here:
4My application was declined. Now what?
If your application has been declined, you will be made aware of whether or not you're welcomed to reapply. in 9/10 cases, you may. However, in the rare 10% of cases, applications are permanently disapproved- usually due to gross misconduct, obvious inauthenticity, or willful ignorance of application instructions.


1How do I get verified?
You become verified by completing this form:
2What is verification?
Verfification is the process of proving that you are who you say you are. Verified members on The Cookout are marked with a star. Verified members have access that unverified members do not.
3How long does it take to be verified?
It usually takes between 24-48 hours to be verified.
4How long do you keep my identification on file?
We keep your identification on file for 30 days or less. We do not keep them indefinitiely.


Our Team

The Cookout's team is comprised of three LBGT+ Black women who are writers, scholars, activists, front end developers, and Adobe recognized digital creatives.


Our Story

Social media has the incredible power to connect you outside of the boundaries and limitations of your geographical location. In fact, the story of The Cookout starts on social media 9 years ago. Learn More HERE